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Taboga Island - Day Tour

8 hours
The famous island is the head of the District that bears its name, formed by a small archipelago and located in the Golf of Panama. Only 12 nautical miles separate Taboga Island from Panama City and the trip lasts 30 minutes. The sea offers visitors several options to enjoy themselves. For the snorkeling lovers, you can find rocky areas under the water where tropical fish and some mollusks abound. The calm waters that form a pool like area, allow for kayaking or for a relaxing swim without taking mayor risks. Besides enjoying the different entertainment activities that the sea has to offer, the island invites you to walk on its narrow roads, an inheritance from the Colonial times. The town has several new and small restaurants where you can find food, ice cream and beverages at good prices. Taboga is full of vacation homes of prominent person that have chosen it as a refuge from the big city, nevertheless, very near. The color and the sophisticated decoration of some of the houses make the trip through the town a much nicer experience.
The tour includes:
  • Transportation to and from the island by ferry. Free Wi-Fi on board.
  • 1-hour walking historical tour with a bilingual guide.
  • Lunch is butter-garlic fish or Creole chicken with coconut rice, salad, dessert and 1 beverage of choice (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).
  • Chairs and umbrellas on the beach.
  • Bathrooms and showers.
  • Snorkel gear if required.
  • Constant coordination of the tour.
Additionally, we offer individual transfers to the Balboa Yacht Club on Amador.
Ferry schedule:
  • Departs Panama City: 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 03:00 PM.
  • Departs Taboga: 8:45 AM, 10:15 AM, 02:30 AM, 04:00 PM.



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